Saturday, March 5, 2011

What To Do When Locker Thefts

Compressed air vehicles: The 2011 catalog has arrived!

It is thanks to Didier Grimonprez * that we learn the Availability of the new catalog of the Company MDI,
and confirmation of the strategy adapted to the reception and success of the AirPod, with the proliferation of models leading to a real range " AirPod .

To learn more, click here by specifying "Products 2011"!

The AirPod pulls up front (or back) to the sidewalk to take little room, we parked two AirPod station in the location of a city AirPod conventional and 3 instead of a sedan and the driver or passengers disembark directly on the sidewalk.

AirPod turns on itself.
is the smallest turning radius known.

This model, referred to by Mr. Michel Escom during our meeting with the ICC, called: Baby AIRPod .
2 versions: 45 and GT
versions Baby, even shorter and more manageable have two seats facing the road and a large chest Baggage over 500 liters.
It's more than most major road classic.

is the ideal car for individuals wishing to run clean, convenient ride to go to work, to shop, to travel in the city and suburbs, at lower cost.

And it's not over:

The AirPod Golf , cheaper version will not only satisfy, but golfers will find their application in the transport of people, closed site, such as airports, train stations and other public places.

Probably one of the (beautiful) results of cooperation MDI-KLM?

And ... Last but not Least :

Concept of urban public transport the AirMultibus comes in the form of a train wheel consists of several modules including a control module and modules transport.

This could allow the town of Tain , Vosges, to get a clearer idea of their possible equipment.
Click images to enlarge.

Recognize that things continue to move fast in a time of intense activity marked by the rise of sites MDI.

* Thanks again to Didier Grimonprez for technological intelligence it provides in Dutch, English and French.

check out their site, very rich in technical information on clean energy!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Propane Furnaces 7200ercs-1

Up to date ...

Ah nos socialistes... Toujours prompts à donner des leçons, et à affirmer en dogme des vérités et des morales dont eux seuls ont le secret. Comme si la Vérité leur appartenait.

Mais bon cela doit sans doute venir de la purge qui se prépare dans les instances du PS, où après avoir raillé Georges 1er Frêche, dit "le raciste", Arnaud Montebourg, le justicier inquisiteur sorti de la forêt de Louhans traque désormais Jean-Noël II Guérini, dit "le gangster", dénonçant des pratiques féodales. Cette féodalité dénoncée n'est-elle pas l'échos de l'obscurantisme partisan régnant Rue de Solférino ?

But hey, do not worry, the night of long knives is coming ...

I spoke of obscurantism. Precisely, locally, a glaring example. Eager to educate myself and expand my knowledge and skills, I read the leaflet from our Mayor-President-General Counsel of Community of Communes (I forget anything, I think) with interest, and discovered the address Blog of a campaign where I'm eager to go.

What was my surprise when I discovered that Michael Conchon was still cited as the candidate invested by the PS in the canton of St. Sulpice Les Champs. The time would he have stopped at our socialist ... Allo ... Anyone there?? Last updated: November 22. From: Nothing. A desert color and approximations ...

If so, I assure you, will see . But do not tell too much, they might realize .....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Erection During Male Genital Examination

There was so much to say ...

After a debate savement orchestrated, and that showcases the glorification and self-satisfaction of coming out at the option of speaking time for which fairness does not mean equality, it is difficult to draw conclusions, even though significant issues not been addressed, the benefit of recurring themes, aubussonno-Aubusson : Including the pool.
In debate, Multipurpose Hall.

What about the social question , the theme health, of agriculture , the ' education ... ??

If the candidate I am still hungry for some frustration and fed for less than 6 minutes from 20 to speak against Michel Monk, not sure the voter, so happy ... What vision for tomorrow, what projects, what ambitions to get out of this low level of debate in the absence of prospective vision? If Michael Monk

fully satisfied the policy in economic matters (ie nothing) while recalling that competence not fit directly into the direct remit of the General Council, I reminded him, however, that the material he combines the roles of Mayor, President of Community Commons, and has an assistant vice president of the Regional Council, leaving therefore a real flexibility in the economic field ...
Questioning Michel Monk on the economic situation.

Aubusson, world of Care Bears, where everything is going well for the outgoing General Counsel, except when I send him that health indicators display the RHA (Regional Health Observatory), emphasize that the situation economy is unflattering, or even disastrous in the area of Aubusson, on the basis of indisputable facts and statistics, Michel Monk leaving our country without a voice but not without a reaction ...

"Before buying a painting, first construct that will adorn the wall."

As for the city of tapestry, a jewel of ancient art aubusson that the confession of our mayor, will make its pedigree in Aubusson, draining massive private and public commissions (for a book very empty so far ...), attracting tens of thousands of tourists eager to discover our beautiful region, I recalled that if this project was part legitimately in the context of the revival of tapestry locally a investment of this height would find its relevance in how we will manage and generate business around. Therefore, about 40,000 entries a year, when the current museum attracts barely 20,000, it seems as pretentious as presumptuous ... Let
Michel Monk authorship of these figures, and expect that history has rendered its verdict.

Finally, our pool, eternal subject of contention, a Centre Aqua Rec.
If the investment by itself is not objectionable for a project of this magnitude (7.5 million euros), the fact remains that the forecasts for its attendance appear inaccessible. Our aedile building on 70,000 admissions per year, against fewer than 40,000 now ...
I recalled that the investment felt the need , and if in the 70,000 entries predicted, there were significant flow of tourists will descend on the Aubusson again, he should perhaps consider significantly improve the road network to make ourselves accessible (also worth it in the context of relevant economic development), highlighting structural weaknesses in this area, supporting my argument by explaining that before buying the painting to decorate the wall my house, he may need to first build the wall ... A word ...

We will understand the opening up is one of the keystones of my program , especially when I reminded the meeting that since creusois always, it is almost 30 years that this is a recurrent theme, branding the inability of our elected officials, and current teams to solve this problem ...

Many other things to say, including the ability to ask the Socialist Government in the event of an alternation in 2012, reimbursement of 82 million euros owed by the State Department ... . I do not think these demiurges unnecessary verbiage. We also regret

not having been able to speak in other communes of the Canton Saint Pardoux le Neuf, Alleyrat, Frongia Saint Mark, Saint Amand, Saint Maixant, Saint Alpinien, Blessac, Néoux completely passed to the ace.

Yes, there was really much more to say ....