Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sample Letter Not Renewing Contract

Oil & Offenses d'initiés : la panique organisée ... jusqu'à quand ?

The British newspaper" The Guardian

"has released yesterday, Tuesday, February 8, 2011, one of countless telegrams society Wikileaks.

Wikileaks cables:
- Saudi Arabia cannot Enough oil pump to keep a lid on Price
- U.S. diplomat convinced by Saudi That expert reservations of World's Biggest oil exporting Have Been overstated by Nearly 40%

What can be translated as
Wikileaks announces:
- Saudi Arabia can not pump enough oil to maintain a price ceiling. the world's largest exporter of oil were overestimated by almost 40% .

The team "Clean Air Vosges
" reassure you, at least on one point: in fact, the information is supposed to have been issued in December 2007
Ie before the big spike in prices

Cependant, il convient d'examiner : 1. que si, d'une part, il est constant depuis des lustres que les dirigeants des pays producteurs de pétrole alertent les autres pays sur la consommation mondiale effrénée, voire irraisonnée, de cette énergie fossile,

Dr Sadad al-Husseini, ex n°2 de l’Aramco [DR]

2. que, d'autre part, les cours de la Bourse à l'époque, laissent constater que certaines dispositions avaient été "
" prises en bourse, ... tout juste after message transmission. 3. and then, it was the French and Europeans who then paid dearly, their fuel at the pump.

In French, this suggests very strongly

insider trading.
This also raises another question: when the deception end?

course, first Wikileaks is a very controversial source of information on topics largely stale at the time of the recent publication of the so-called "scoops
"but secondly the fact remains that the U.S. government or Saudis do not deny anything. And these are indeed the weaker social strata of our society who have suffered the brunt of, without economic benefit to our production companies. Accumulated
with the requirements of the repayment of the "debt" service, the financial burden becomes unbearable for a more and more people, businesses and local authorities.

Gold is in a "

uninhibited" (to borrow an aphorism became comical) that the socio-economic fair directly based on the principles issued by the Council
National Resistance of 1945
was systematically demolished by 1972
. It would be very instructive to know who took the initiative financially destructive devices registered since in certain organic laws in France, in the Maastricht Treaty and the Lisbon agenda.

How long does it last?

In our opinion, topics like oil prices, insider trading partners, etc.. ... as well as other topics such as pollution dioxin-related motor vehicle current (
those affecting pasture along the road
), lung cancer, pollution of soil and air will find, for the most sustainable solutions through the line energy "

Clean Air "and through the air car.

And you, what say you? / 2011/feb/08/oil-saudiarabia? intcmp = 239


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